So that you can identify your skill level, we have implemented three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Each level is associated with specific tasks found in airsoft.

  • Installing HPA valves without drilling on GBB(R) magazines.
  • Changing the barrel and hop-up rubber:
  • Enhance accuracy by replacing the stock barrel with a higher-quality model and installing an efficient hop-up rubber.
  • Hop-Up block replacement: Transition from a standard hop-up adjustment system to an adjustable one for increased control over the BB trajectory.
  • Aesthetic customization: Add external accessories like rails, grips, or muzzle devices to personalize the replica's appearance.
  • Installing an HPA System: Transitioning to an HPA system by installing a complete HPA kit in the replica.
  • Basic assembly/disassembly of a GBB(R).
  • Upgrading/replacing parts of a GBB(R).
  • Advanced Modification of a Gearbox:
    Working on the internal mechanisms of an AEG gearbox to improve performance can be tricky and requires a thorough understanding of the mechanics.
  • Integrated Electronics in Replicas: Adding electronic systems, such as advanced mosfets, electronic triggers, or programmable burst firing systems, can be complex and requires electronics skills.
  • High Performance Sniper Replica Assembly:
    Building an effective “airsoft” sniper requires in-depth knowledge of the specifics of this category, including precision, power and choice of components.