Before taking full advantage of our products, please read our conditions of use. By making a purchase on our site, you accept the following conditions, in addition to the general conditions of sale:

- Proper Use: Use our products in accordance with the instructions for use provided. Any use other than that intended could void the warranty, such as use of inappropriate air pressure etc.
- Regular Maintenance: Maintain our products in good condition by following specified maintenance recommendations such as lubricating parts, replacing O-rings and other necessary adjustments. This will ensure the warranty is valid.
- No Modification: Any modification to the original components will void the warranty associated with the product as well as all aesthetic modifications made to the product (engravings, painting, etc.).
- Proper storage: When not using the product, it is essential to store it properly. Keep it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, humidity, temperature fluctuations and direct contact with potentially damaging elements. Use a protective case or cover to prevent dust and shock. By storing your equipment adequately, you protect it against deterioration due to external elements.
- Accident Prevention: Handle our products with care to avoid any accidents that could damage the components.
- Responsible Use: Users are responsible for the appropriate use of the products, avoiding any negligence or inappropriate use that could lead to damage.

By respecting these conditions, you will maximize your experience with our products and take full advantage of the warranty offered.

The guarantee excludes damage arising from the points mentioned above and the following elements:
- normal wear and tear of parts or a lack of maintenance, a handling accident, fire, freezing, breakage, theft, immersion of items;
- the transformation of articles by modification of parts;
- insufficient, absence or excess lubrication;
- inattention as well as negligence of the user during the warranty period, and gross errors of use.