This airsoft replica is subject to Decree No. 99-240 of March 24, 1999, which regulates the marketing of firearm replicas developing muzzle exit energy greater than 0.08 joules and equal to or less than 2 joules . Intended exclusively for recreational use, adding this product to your basket implies recognition of the following elements:

  1. You declare that you are over 18 years old.
  2. You claim to have mastered the basic safety rules related to the use of this type of replica (wearing protective glasses, playing in an appropriate and private place, etc.).
  3. You agree to never display the replica in a public place, in order to avoid any confusion with a real weapon and the consequences that ensue.
  4. You confirm that you are fully informed of the airsoft laws in your country, and JV Tactical cannot be held responsible in the event of illicit importation.
  5. You promise never to point or pull the replica towards a person, animal or any object representing a danger.
  6. You agree not to load or aim the replica until you are ready to fire at your selected target.
  7. You understand the risks associated with shooting on a hard surface (risk of ball bouncing) or in water (risk of dangerous ricochets).
  8. You agree not to direct the shot towards the eyes or ears, and to never look into the barrel, where a pellet could be lodged.
  9. You agree not to use the airsoft replica without wearing glasses or a suitable protective mask.
  10. You are aware that it is prohibited to modify or disassemble the product to increase its firing power, as this may be dangerous and will void the warranty.
  11. You are responsible for always turning the safety switch to the “ON” position when the product is not in use.