General Conditions of Sale of Digital Products

Delivery and availability time

Digital products sold on the JV TACTICAL AIRSOFT website are processed and sent in .zip format to the email address of your customer account within 24 hours after validation of your order. 

The sending and availability of ordered files is limited to 2 times only to the e-mail address indicated on your customer account.

No other new e-mail address will be accepted, therefore we strongly advise you to check your e-mail address carefully and keep the files received in a dedicated storage space once received.

Characteristics of digital products sold

The JV TACTICAL AIRSOFT site sells 3D files in .stl format of parts, dedicated to the practice of airsoft.

The most common file format is: the .stl file

is considered universal and suitable for all types of 3D printer.

We will not offer any other type of format for our files.

Right to retract

In accordance with the law, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the supply of digital content not provided on a material medium whose execution has begun after express prior agreement of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal .

Reimbursement conditions and deadlines

No refunds are possible for a digital product!
JV TACTICAL AIRSOFT can however make a refund in the event of a duplicate purchase by the customer.

Intellectual property

All digital files, images, texts, illustrations on our site are exclusively reserved for us. In terms of intellectual property, any use is prohibited except for strictly private use.

You may not copy our resources, publish our resources in your own name, share our resources with your colleagues or post them online.

Without prior authorization, any reproduction, whether partial or total, is strictly prohibited.

JV TACTICAL AIRSOFT retains the intellectual property of the resources purchased.