This kit is intended for experienced people. Assembly must be carried out with suitable equipment mentioned below to ensure optimal sealing:

  • Screwdriver with H2 bit (hexagonal) or an H2 Allen key
  • Flat metal file
  • Small brush (to remove residue)
  • Sunscreen

Modifications will have to be made for the installation of the INFINITE kit.
If you do not have the equipment mentioned and/or you do not wish to make the modifications yourself, we then recommend that you choose our replicas assembled directly in our workshop.


This pack does not contain the internal components of your AAP-01 that will need to be used to finalize the installation!

The charger shown in the video is for demonstration purposes only and is not supplied with the kit ( available here ).

The air inlet is via a 6mm tube where an EU/US connector is attached (not supplied).

The original Lower Frame of the AAP01 is not compatible with this kit.

We have made CNC cutting modifications on the CTM lower frame (included with the AAP-01 kit) in order to accommodate the INFINITE conversion kit, therefore the use of another lower frame will not be compatible without modifications