Information :

  • Fill your magazines as shown in the diagram (there should be no gaps between the bb).
  • Do not suddenly release the magazine follower once the spring is compressed, otherwise the magazine lips may be damaged.
  • To conserve spring, never store your filled magazines for a long period of inactivity.
  • Do not fire shots when the magazine is not engaged in the replica as this could damage the Noozle of your replica.
  • Each magazine is designed and tested to withstand normal conditions of use. Be careful, however, they are not indestructible!
  • Magazine are thoroughly inspected before each shipment. In fact, all damage suffered will be your responsibility. Magazine will therefore neither be taken back nor refunded.
  • For fully 3D-printed split magazines, it's crucial not to drop them while there are still BB inside to prevent any potential damage, particularly to the magazine lips.

(The content stated concerns only the original standard product, excluding options, and may therefore vary depending on the added options).

* The replica shown in the photo as well as the accessories are for demonstration purposes only and are not all included in the sale. Please read the “Content” section carefully.