Liste des répliques compatibles avec Infinite V2

List of airsoft guns compatible with Infinite V2

I. For this new V2 version, we have completely redesigned the kit. From now on, thanks to the new design which is intended to be more universal, the Infinite Glock version kit becomes compatible with a multitude of different models, brands and generations:

  • G17 We-tech gen 3/4/5
  • G17 Vfc/Umarex gen5
  • G45 Vfc/Umarex
  • G19X Vfc/Umarex
  • G17 Gen3 (guarder/guns modify)
  • P80 PFS9 Janus Division
Please note that the Glock version kit does not directly fit the AAP-01 model. Follow these links to access the appropriate version or discover the module to transition from the Glock kit to the AAP-01: AAP-01 Conversion Kit |  IF-11A conversion module for AAP-01

II. If your model is not mentioned in this listing or if it is fully customized with parts from multiple manufacturers, this does not necessarily mean that the kit is not compatible!

Important: The Infinite kit is not compatible with compact type Glock replicas such as G42/G26/G19.

How to check if your airsoft gun is compatible with the Infinite V2 conversion kit?

On the market, various brands and generations of Glock clone are available, each with its own specifications.
Given the significant variety present on the market, We have put together a guide to help you determine the compatibility of your replica.

Materials required :

  • A vernier caliper

First, make sure your replica meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Your model must be 100% compatible with Glock 17 gas magazines (Marui, WE, AAP-01, VFC/Umarex)
  2.  The rear wall of the frame must have a thickness between 1.90 and 2.2 mm (see image 2).
  3. The depth for the location of a magwell must be greater than 3cm
  4. The upper part of the lower frame must match the image
  5. The rear wall of the lower frame must have a rounded shape similar to that shown (see illustration).

Important :

Always wear protective eyewear when handling airsoft products.

Compatibility check


Your replica should be 100% compatible with Glock 17 gas magazines (Marui, WE, AAP-01, VFC/Umarex).


The thickness of the rear frame wall should be between 1.90 and 2.2 mm.


The required depth for the magwell slot should exceed 3cm.


The interior of the lower frame should not contain the thick edge indicated in red in the image.


The interior of the lower frame should match the image.


The lower frame should have a rounded shape, as indicated in red.

If in doubt, feel free to contact us by submitting photographs of your lower frame taken from different angles. This will enable us to provide you with more precise and personalized assistance.

Thank you for following our installation guide.
Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ in case of difficulties or if you need additional assistance.

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