Comment installer les adaptateurs split M4 et MP5 Infinite

How to install M4 and MP5 Infinite split adapters

Find out how to install our M4 angled split adapters to the MP5 Infinite model (or vice versa).

Follow our steps to easily customize your airsoft equipment.

Information :

Hardware required for installation :

  • 2.5mm hex key (not supplied)

Important :

Always wear protective eyewear when handling airsoft products.

Installation of IF-40 | IF-50 split adapters


Remove the indicated screw using a 2.5mm hex key.


To separate the assembly, remove the IF-MOD1 module by sliding the piece backward.


Insert the IF-MOD1 module onto the MP5 adapter, following the indicated direction.


Place the screw in position, then gently screw it in to lock everything in place.


Congratulations, the installation is complete.
Thank you for following our guide.

Thank you for following our installation guide.
Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ in case of difficulties or if you need additional assistance.

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