Comment installer le kit de conversion HPA Infinite v2 pour Glock - version avec perçage

How to install the HPA Infinite v2 Conversion Kit for Glock - version with drilling

We are delighted to welcome you to this page dedicated to the installation of the HPA Infinite V2 conversion kit for Glock.

You are in the right place to find out how to set up the kit simply and efficiently.

Information :

Materials required for installation :

Included with the Infinite kit:

  • Cutting template
  • Drilling template
  • Hex key h2 and h1.5
  • Drill diameter Ø2.9mm HSS
  • Drill diameter Ø2.5mm HSS

Not included :

  • Protective glasses and gloves
  • Cutter or scalpel
  • Hand or vertical drill
  • Adhesive tape to ensure proper installation of the kit
    (Electric tape is ideal. We opted for this option to allow you to have a versatile kit that fits many of your replicas, giving you an economical solution).

If you do not have the equipment mentioned and/or if you prefer not to make the modifications yourself, we then recommend that you choose our custom replicas, or consult a technician qualified in customizing replicas.

Important :

Always wear protective eyewear when handling airsoft products.



Place your replica (without the magazine) upside down on a stable surface, as shown in the picture.


Place the provided cutting template "IF-D1" in the same orientation as shown in the picture, until it reaches the stop of your replica (maximum extent).


Ensure that the cutting template is securely held, then start cutting the two designated markers using a utility knife or scalpel, gradually progressing until reaching the two small horizontal lines at the bottom of the template.

Keep in mind that exceeding the two lower lines will have no impact on the subsequent installation.

Important: Use protective gloves!


To complete the cut entirely, fold the tab and make an incision at the fold to fully remove the piece.



Remove the slide from the replica.


Place the drilling template "IF-P1" in the same orientation until it reaches the maximum stop of your replica.


Hold the template with a slight continuous pressure towards the indicated directions on the template to ensure that the kit does not move. Then, using a drill with a 2.5mm diameter bit (the smallest bit), make a hole in the marked spot.

Important: Ensure a straight and single-sided drilling through the frame.


To ensure proper installation of the kit, cut strips of PVC tape approximately 4 cm in length, depending on your replica model (see below).
Then, stick these strips on both sides of the kit (overlapping) that come into contact with the inside of the replica. Number of strips:

-G17 Gen3 Guns Modify = 2 on each side (total: 4 strips)
-G17 Gen3 Guarder/P80 Janus = 3 on each side (total: 6 strips)
-G45/G19x/G17 Gen5 WE/VFC = 4 on each side (total: 8 strips).


Ensure that the hammer block mechanism of the replica is fully engaged, as indicated.

If not, push the hammer backward to engage it, then press the fire pin lock.


Insert the Infinite kit completely until it reaches the maximum stop of your replica, ensuring that the top of the conversion kit is fully flush against the hammer block.

Note: Feel free to bend the HPA cable to avoid any obstruction during the insertion of the conversion kit.


Ensure that the kit is securely held, then make a mark on the cover of the kit using a drill (using the same 2.5mm diameter bit) in the hole you had previously drilled.

Important: You should not drill through the piece completely; the goal is simply to create a mark for the next step.


Remove the conversion kit from the replica.

Tip: Apply several gradual pressures from the top of the conversion kit to extract it more effectively.


Remove the steel pin and unscrew the 2 screws, as indicated, using the smallest hex key to take off the cover above the kit.


Complete the drilling at the previously marked spot using the same 2.5mm diameter bit.

Important: Ensure drilling is straight and only on one side of the cover, as shown in the image.


Insert the provided screw into the hole and screw it in completely to create the threading needed for securing the kit.


Replace, if necessary, the rubber seal with the one used on your replica (curved or flat), then place the cover back on the conversion kit.


To enlarge the space required for the screw passage, replace the drill bit in your drill with the 2.9mm diameter bit, then gently drill into the same hole.

Important: Ensure drilling is straight and only on one side of the frame.

Important: Make sure to drill straight and only on one side of the frame.



Install the kit into the replica and secure the assembly by screwing in the screw using the 1.5mm hex key.

Screw it until the screw reaches the surface of the lower frame.


Replace the slide.


Congratulations, the installation is now complete.

All that's left is to connect your HPA airsoft replica and insert your magazine!

Thanks for following our Infinite V2 Conversion Kit installation guide!
Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ in case of difficulties or if you need additional assistance.

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