Comment assembler les chargeurs split 3D IF-70

How to assemble the 3D IF-70 split magazine

We are delighted to welcome you to this page dedicated to the installation of 3D IF-70 split magazine.

Information :

Hardware required for installation :

  • Cutter or scalpel (use protective gloves!)

Important :

Always wear protective eyewear when handling airsoft products.

IF-70S Tutorial | IF70L


To begin, position your magazine on a stable surface.


Detach the block of parts located at the back of the magazine by rotating as indicated.


Separate each part of the block one by one by rotating them.


Cut off any protruding connecting rods from each of the pieces.


Insert the follower button into the magazine.


Insert the magazine spring.


Place the magazine locking piece in the indicated direction.


Push the spring and locking piece into the magazine, then slide the magazine base plate until the assembly locks into place.


Congratulations! the installation is now complete.

Thank you for following our installation guide.
Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ in case of difficulties or if you need additional assistance.

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