The best of Hpa for your AAP01

Discover Infinite, the new generation ALL-IN-ONE HPA conversion kit, specially designed for gas blowback (GBB) sidearm replicas. Very simple and quick to install!

Maximize the performance of your GBB sidearm with the Infinite conversion kit, which seamlessly integrates advanced HPA technology with realistic functionality.

INFINITE V2 - HPA Conversion Kit | AAP-01
INFINITE V2 - HPA Conversion Kit | AAP-01
INFINITE V2 - HPA Conversion Kit | AAP-01

INFINITE V2 - HPA Conversion Kit | AAP-01

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Conversion kits are currently in production. Order shipments are scheduled between April 20 and April 30, 2024. In the event of pre-order cancellation before the estimated arrival time, a processing fee of 10% will be charged. However, if the product experiences a significant delay of more than 2 months, a full refund will be issued upon cancellation.
Airsoft replica and accessories are not included.


Recoil, performance, BB capacity, realistic functionality, Milsim, Speedsoft?
No need to compromise because everything is now possible with the Infinite HPA Conversion Kit!


  • The best of HPA - Adjustable power, consistency, autonomy...
  • 100% Mechanical System: No need for batteries, FCUs, or any type of electronics (weather-resistant).
  • Simple Operation: No FCU settings, dwell adjustments, etc...
  • Realistic Empty Magazine Detection: Functional bolt catch, compatible with split-type magazines.
  • Low Profile: Extremely lightweight design and weight to the point where you forget its presence.
  • Fun: The most comprehensive HPA conversion on the most compact and fun replica platform available!
  • Milsim and Speedsoft: Two interchangeable all-in-one playstyles with AEG M4/MP5 split-type adapters.
  • Preserves all the features and thrills of a GBB!
  • Compatible with your AAP-01 or Glock* (G17 gen 3|4|5, G45, G19X, P80, and more...).

What is Infinite?

Infinite is the first modular HPA conversion kit on the market, exclusively developed for the GBB AAP-01/Glock replica category.

No need for batteries, FCU adjustments, dwell settings, etc... The kit completely replaces the original gas magazine of your replica with a 100% reliable mechanical HPA system that now operates continuously in your replica.

Now, there's no need to disconnect the air line located at the bottom of each magazine, as required when using threaded HPA valves.

Transform your sidearm into a high-performance primary replica and play without interruption!

The best of hpa

Once the kit is installed, connect to the air source, adjust the PSI, and you're good to go!

Regardless of the weather conditions, say goodbye to gas leaks and pressure losses by using HPA, which significantly enhances the autonomy, operation, and shooting performance of your GBB by eliminating all the frustrating issues encountered with gas/CO2 usage.

Enjoy stable performance, rapid shots, and precise control while preserving the authentic recoil characteristic of GBBs.

A modular kit

The distinctive feature of the INFINITE V2 kit is its interchangeable design, enabling compatibility with various brands and models of replicas without necessitating a complete system replacement.
AAP-01, Glock* G17, G18, G45, G19X, P80, etc.

*Refer to the link to acquire the necessary version or module for the Glock version.

Milsim x speedsoft

For Milsim enthusiasts seeking an extra dose of adrenaline and a more hardcore gaming experience: Opt for our range of split magazines, available in 24, 32, or 50 rounds, which retain all the features and realistic low-profile appearance of a true sidearm. So much so, you might even forget you're playing with HPA.

Key Features:
- HPA Performance
- Ultra-low-profile Design
- Functional Slide Stop (empty magazine detection)
- Authentic Magazine Release Button Placement (not offset like on HPA adapters)
- Tactical Reloading and Smooth Handling

And that's not all!

No interruption

Reload your replica in record time!
Now, there's no need to disconnect the air line located at the bottom of each magazine, as required when using threaded HPA valves.

With the power source and the BB source now independent of each other, it maintains all the realistic mechanical features of your GBB by eliminating any unnecessary interruption.

Empty magazine detection

Thanks to the design of split magazines, you can now benefit from a functional slide stop!

For more realism, when your magazine is empty, the slide stop mechanically locked in the rear position, like on a real weapon.

Easy and fast installation

Only a small, easily achievable modification is required at the lower frame to discreetly route the HPA cable.
(Without this, unfortunately, the cool low-profile appearance of the replica would be lost!)

No need to fully disassemble the replica and remove the gearbox to access the kit, as is necessary with HPA conversion systems for AEGs.
At any time, you can easily switch back to gas magazines by simply unscrewing a screw to remove the kit!

Learn more.

Manufacturing quality

The new Infinite V2 conversion kit stands out for its quality CNC machined design from 6061-T6 aluminum, a high quality material, offering optimal strength and remarkable lightness. This choice was carefully studied in order to meet our requirements in terms of quality and durability.

We are also proud to produce all of our parts in collaboration with experienced partners located in Europe. 🇫🇷 🇪🇺

More than just a warranty


We know that the quality of our products is one of the criteria you appreciate about us.

Although our products are designed to last, we also encourage eco-responsible practices by offering everyone free access to an open source file base. so you can print and/or personalize your pieces as much as you want!

This approach aims to offer you durable products but above all accessible wherever you are, which allows you to save money by reducing costs linked to transport and service providers.

Why choose INFINITE V2 ?

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How much does it cost ?

Infinite stands out as an innovative new HPA kit, representing the first conversion solution for GBB replicas on the market!

Priced at 199.90* euros, the Infinite HPA Conversion Kit distinguishes itself through its high-quality manufacturing precision, achieved with CNC machining in 6061-T6 aluminum. Positioned as a reasonably priced and quality solution, considering its numerous features compared to other HPA systems available in the market.
All components are produced in collaboration with experienced partners, all located in Europe. 🇫🇷 🇪🇺

Too expensive?

If the cost seems high, it's essential to note that currently, if you plan to obtain an HPA conversion kit for converting an AEG replica, you would need to budget between 280 to 600* euros for a kit alone, excluding the replica itself, magazines, air bottle, regulator, hose, and connection valves.
Additionally, to operate the FCU, you may also need a LiPo battery and an extra charger.
At this price, your replica won't provide any recoil sensation, unlike the Infinite HPA Conversion Kit, which offers significantly more possibilities!

*Price for an HPA kit alone observed in 2024, subject to change.

Are AEP magazines compatible?

No, it is essential to emphasize that despite their similarities, the magazines are neither compatible nor identical.

To bring this project to fruition, it was necessary to create fully custom magazines to preserve all the mechanical features of the GBB, particularly the empty magazine detection, which is a fundamental aspect of this project.
The main challenge was the size constraint imposed by the replica's format to successfully integrate everything into the grip.

Due to their similarity, especially in the "split" aspect, I understand that this can sometimes raise questions about the price difference compared to AEP magazines.

Given the completely different manufacturing processes and features, aligning with those prices is unfortunately not feasible.

As an alternative solution, I have introduced models of split magazines and freely downloadable 3D parts in open source to make access to the components as easy as possible for everyone!

Transform your handgun into a high-performance main gun thanks to the new HPA Infinite V2 conversion kit, which is all-in-one!
Realistic empty magazine detection, Continuous air, 100% mechanical system, Retains all the features and thrills of a GBB All-in-one HPA conversion kit, specially designed for “GBB” gas handgun replicas.

Very easy and quick to install !

The replica shown in the photo as well as the accessories are for demonstration purposes only and are not all included in the sale. Please read the “Content” section carefully!

We do everything possible to ensure that the colors of the images are as accurate as possible. However, the color of the product appearing on your screen may be slightly different from reality.



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