Adapter G17 - M4
Adapter G17 - M4
Adapter G17 - M4

Adapter G17 - M4

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Combine all the advantages of "HPA", "AEG" and "GBB" in one system. 
  • Convert your magazines Gas to HPA and take advantage of the capacity of the magazines Mid-cap AEG.
  • BBS 's spring-loaded flapper retention system prevents all BBS from falling back when you eject your magazine.
  • High impact SLS Nylon body for only 85g.
  • Quick to install kit.
  • Internal design for easy insertion of your magazines.
  • Compatible with the magazines M4 AEG (design to the dimensions of the PTS EPM1 brand). 

A feature exclusively designed for gamers.



  • The adapters are designed to accommodate magazines M4 mid-cap  of the brand PTS (ref: EPM), tHowever, the tolerance of the adapters may vary from one model to another or from one production run to another, and may therefore require manual adjustment by the user via light sanding of the shims.

  • To ensure a perfect seal, we recommend using a screwdriver with a large tip. The goal is to compress the O-ring as much as possible to create a maximum seal without damaging the screw head. 
  • Check that the size of the BBS insertion window on your magazine is the same as the one in the image below for the Marui model :


We recommend you to follow the following video tutorial:


  • x1 Speedsoft Adapter
  • x1 Guide rod BBS (Marui or We)
  • x1 JV LOW PROFILE Valve or 1 Valve with EU or US input (EU/US compatible Balystik) 
  • x2 O-rings



Speedsoft G17 Adapter

Compatibility according to the chosen model 

- magazines WE G17 gen 3 and AW

-magazine Marui G17 gen 3


Nylon PA12 (SLS 3D)


90 x 68 mm


85 g



Max PSI  120 psi


ATTENTION The original magazine of the AAP01 is not compatible with the adapter due to some internal differences. However the magazine WE type G17 with the adapter on the AAP01 is perfectly functional because they are designed respecting the dimensions of the magazines of the WE/Marui brand.

(The content stated is for the original standard product only, excluding options, and may vary depending on the options added).

*The replica shown in the picture and the accessories are for demonstration purposes only and are not all included in the sale. Please read the "Contents" section carefully!

We make every effort to ensure that the colors in the images are as accurate as possible. However, the color of the product appearing on your screen may be slightly different from reality.

Important: The Speedsoft 3D adapter is an exclusive custom product ordered and manufactured on demand (i.e. once your order has been validated and paid for). The processing time before delivery can reach 1 to 2 weeks maximum.